Our Programmes

Breeding Programme

The Breeding Program concentrates its conservation efforts through the breeding and releasing of the two species of endemic iguana that are currently part of the red list of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature IUCN

One of the projects concentrates its efforts on the protection and conservation of the spiny-tailed iguana, Ctenosaura bakeri, a species that is endemic to the island of Utila, which is part of the Bay Islands of Honduras.

In the nearly future a second project will be established to promote the conservation of another spiny tailed iguana, Ctenosaura melanosterna, which is endemic to El Valle de Aguan, in the department of Yoro of the mainland Honduras and to the Archipielago of Cayos Cochinos, of the Bay Islands. The project will be based in Yoro, specifically in the town of Arenal.

Research Programme

This programme is designed to promote and support, logistically and technically, the productive research of students and scientists who are interested in the different species that exist in Honduras, especially in the regions where the Research and Breeding Stations are based.

The FIB has already established cooperative relations with different governmental institutions in order to obtain the permits for research that every guest researcher needs.

Environmental Education Programme

This programme was developed with the definitive goal of encouraging the population to change its negative attitudes towards the natural resources, with children and youth as its primary groups of action, hoping that they will multiply our efforts in their families and the rest of the community.

The activities of this programme are mainly developed in school and then are complemented with outdoor activities, which are part of the informal methods of education. Through the outdoor activities, children and youth change their perceptions of the environment by getting into contact with nature.

Organizational Consolidation Programme

The main objective of this programme is to expand the working reach of the FIB among different municipalities of Honduras. The main purpose is to establish professional bonds that promote human sustainable development, working with the support of the national and local governments and other organizations.

Volunteer Programme

The FIB projects have become a headquarters for scientific researchers and volunteers that are interested in conservation programmes. The volunteers are a valuable resource, cooperating with all of the activities that the FIB promotes through its different programs and projects.

Guest Research

With the goal of extending relations with national and international universities or other organizations, the FIB receives volunteers that are also interested in doing scientific research of the biology and ecology of the different species of flora and fauna that are of special interest; or volunteers that are interested in participating in the conservation projects for iguanas.

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