The Iguana Station's environmental education 'wishiwilly' centre was officially opened on 24 February 2010. The centre, named after the Utila Spiny-tailed Iguana, Ctenosaura bakeri, locally known as 'wishiwilly' or 'swamper', was built by the station volunteers with the financial support of the Rufford Small Grants Foundation.

The aim of the centre is to offer a quiet, safe, free of charge learning space for the children and young people of Utila. The centre also provides environmental presentations to children to educate them about various aspects of nature, from basic biology to ecology of ecosystems and Conservation, all included within our environmental educational plan.

The centre, which houses the only public library in Utila, has a growing environmental stock of reference books about numerous sciences including biology, chemistry, geology, botany, physics and ecology. In the near future we intend to have internet access for the children of Utila to carry out their homework and online research at the centre, and a laboratory equipped with microscopes, analytical scales and other things.

We welcome any financial donations towards the library, or please feel free to donate any scientific reference books.

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Wishiwilly Education Centre

Wishiwilly Education Centre

Swamper Hiding

Swamper Hiding

Rubbish Problem on Utila Beach

Rubbish Problem on Utila Beach


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